The importance of training soccer skills on your own

Soccer field at night

Soccer requires a high level of dexterity. One of the best ways to improve that and other skills is to practice. Sometimes, group practice just isn’t enough. Some players are naturals and will get by just on their basic natural ability. Other will need the practice. Sadly, during group practice, since there are so many other players, the individual practice time is never enough. Being confident with the soccer ball is an absolute must in order to excel in the sport and for that more practice is required.

This is where solo practice comes in. Diego Maradona, considered to be one of the most skillful players in the game, and a master of the soccer ball used to constantly practice solo. There are stories of him skipping team practice so he could practice and focus on particular areas on his own. He did this due to his smaller stature.

One of the arguments against this is that between practice and games, that there is enough exposure to improve ball handling. In a French study that looked at 30 First Division matches over the course of two seasons, researchers found that players had an average of 47 possessions per match and two touches on the ball per possession. That really is not enough possession to improve anyone’s skills.

It should be clear now that solo practice is essential until you are supremely confident in your ball handling skills. Until then practice, practice, and practice.