Soccer drills to shoot while on the move

A key skill for any soccer player, especially for strikers is to be able to score while on the move. Most non-offensive players will pass while on the move. Here are two soccer drills that will help with shooting while moving.

Shooting off the Dribble

First up, set up six cones about a yard apart in a line starting 10 yards outside the box. Ideally, this needs to be practiced on the pitch so you can strike. Starting on one side of the cones, dribble through them as quickly as you can. Then as soon as you get through, push the ball ahead and get a shot on goal as quickly as you can. It’s important to pick your head up before you take the shot so you can spot where the goalie is. You should be just outside the box when you take the shot. Once this is done ten times, switch to the other side. Arranging the cones differently will give the option of coming in from different angles.

Shooting from a cross

This drill requires a partner. Place one cone on the penalty spot and one on one corner of the six-yard box. Have your partner set up on the opposite side. Starting on the corner of the box, run around the penalty spot. As you come around, your partner places the ball just out in front of you for a one-time finish. Take at least fifty of these shots, in sets of ten. Alternative with your partner to rest your leg.