Magath believes that Bayern is unbeatable for the next decade, says league needs to scraps its 50+1 rule

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According to Felix Magath, Borussia Dortmund have no chance beating Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title this season.

In speaking with SportBild, Magath said, “No, Dortmund can’t win it. Bayern have by far the best players, in every part of the squad. Bayern will dominate the league over the next 10 years and be champions.”

Both sides have won all their games this season so far with only Bayern leading by three points as Dortmund are due to meet Hoffenheim mid-week.

Of course, these feelings of hope has been reignited by Thomas Tuchel’s reinvention of BVB after they finished last season placed seventh in the Bundesliga standings. Yet Magath thinks that Pep’s men will still be untouchable for the next few years as well.

wellsoccer1Speaking of investment coming into the English Premier League, Magath also believes that the Bundesliga can be left behind if they do not alter the ownership rules.

Given the current league rule which states that fans should own the majority stake in the clubs, he said that this could harm the potential for investment and the league itself in the years to come.

He went on to say that the 50+1 rule is inhibitory for the development of the Bundesliga financially speaking. Also, he spoke of investors from Russia, the Middle East and United States who have been pouring money into clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United for them to be successful on the European front.

He also pointed out that a number of players are being bought by English clubs from Germany and this is what makes the Bundesliga less attractive.

Magath has won two Bundesliga titles and DFB-Pokals at Bayern.