How Tuchel Changed Dortmund in Six Weeks – A Short Analysis

With Dortmund beating Monchengladbach by 4-0 on the opening day of the Bundesliga season, even the pragmatic Hummels found it difficult to contain his excitement.

In speaking with ZDF, the newly appointed captain said, It’s only been six weeks but it’s going well.

Without a doubt, Dortmund’s win over Leverkusen in September has the club making a serious comeback from last season’s disastrous campaign. After that win, their record winning stretch was at eleven wins in all competitions and with the club scoring at least twice in each of these games.

wellsoccer2It’s obvious to fans that with Tuchel at the helm, the club has also achieved the best ever start to a Bundesliga season.

And with Jurgen Klopp leaving the club, it has become clear that good planning has gone into this excellent start with both stealth and efficiency.

As for players that have come and gone, Weigl and Burki have made their impact already. Alternatively, club legends such as Blaszczykowski and Grosskreutz have left as this seemed the best thing to do for both club and player.

Tuchel himself is a very polite person and is not as extroverted as Klopp during his interviews. In fact, he went on to praise the “foundations” set by his predecessor after their first victory. Even if there is a clear difference between the sides from last season to this one.

Yet he also has a ruthless side to him that has seen the arrival of Castro and favoring Burki for Weidenfeller. For that matter, Weigl, who is merely a teenager, has already been given a chance to prove himself and obtained a starting place for himself since then.

It’s still clear that the Dortmund camp is happy despite all these changes and this bodes well for the club’s fans as well.