How to find your position in a soccer team

The best way to find out which position you like on a soccer team is to try out each one a few times. Being able to play in more than one position as a junior player will increase your utility to the team and also allow you to increase your awareness of the different positions. Sometimes you may like one position while being great at another. Here are some of the qualities that make an effective player for a specific position.


The best defenders know how to the read the game and always remain a step ahead of the opposition. A top level defender will anticipate the movement of the person he is marking. Even against a faster player, a good defender will beat him to the ball due to proper anticipation. Experience is what makes good defenders great.


A good midfielder will be able to keep possession of the ball with their superior dribbling skills. It is even more important when you consider that outside midfielder need to carry the ball up the sideline. Another important skill for a midfielder is to determine where to pass the ball and then getting it there.


The best offensive players in the world have one thing in common: they can play well under extreme pressure. Another quality is being at the right place and at the right time. Many strikers score just by capitalizing on an opponent’s mistake, like a fumble or losing possession.