How to avoid injuries when playing soccer

Soccer is a great sport to play recreationally. The sport does not require a lot of equipment and has several health benefits like increased aerobic capacity, improved muscle tone, lower body, and much more. Also, because of the nature of the game, where you run, walk, sprint in bursts, you will see rapid improvements in your physical fitness. The dark side of any physical activity is the possibility of injury. Even though soccer is a non-contact sport, there is a lot of room for something to go wrong. Here are some tips on avoiding soccer injuries:

Warm up – Going all out in any sport without warming is a recipe for injury. A proper warm-up routine takes at least five to 10 minutes and should result in at least a light sweat. The warm-up should address muscular range of motion and bring up the body temperature. There are plenty of soccer warm-up routines online that any player can follow.

Understand your fitness level – Equally important is that you understand your level of fitness and play accordingly. It is too easy to come back after a few months (or even years) and expect to continue playing at the same level. It is a recipe for disaster.

Hydration – If you don’t drink enough water you risk injury and passing out from dehydration. Also, your level of hydration also affects your muscles and can result in injury. Pay extra attention to hydration during the hot summer months and try and keep up with your electrolyte requirements.