FIFA announces workers welfare monitor system

wellsoccerThe FIFA president Infantino, is looking to set up an independent body to monitor the welfare of workers building the World Cup Stadium.

Amnesty International reported last month that Qatari authorities had been treating the migrant workers working on the stadium unfairly.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for the tournament stated that they are “committed to ensuring the welfare of all workers on our projects”. FIFA on the other hand stated that they are confident in the committee’s processes.

The FIFA president was accused of shifting blame from FIFA by stating that the organization
“cannot escape situations that occur internally”.

However, Infantino visited the stadiums construction site earlier this month and has met with the supreme committee. FIFA has stated that they believe that the new committee will monitor welfare practices.

FIFA said in a statement “FIFA president Gianni Infantino today announced the creation of an oversight body with independent members to monitor the systems in place to ensure decent working conditions at FIFA World Cup stadiums,”

“With this initiative, FIFA will step up its efforts in overseeing the set-up by the Supreme Committee. The composition of this new body, which will be led by FIFA, should include relevant sectors of civil society and other relevant FIFA stakeholders to oversee all FIFA competitions

“The hosting of the FIFA World Cup is an opportunity to set a benchmark in terms of sustainable and fair conditions for all workers in Qatar. In connection with the 2022 event, this body will validate the quality and effectiveness of the due diligence processes in place, will analyse the regular findings of the independent auditing system, the remediation measures taken by the Supreme Committee to address any issues and report about findings, recommendations and progress, with the aim of increasing transparency around this important topic.”