Barca demands respect after Neymar Father’s incident 2

After the father of Neymar reacted badly at press questions associated with the club, media has called the press to show respect.

The star was believed to be celebrating his 24th birthday at a nightclub before the team faced Levante in La liga. Footage has emerged of Neymar’s father, who works as his son’s agent, speaking angrily to reporters.

Barcelona said in a statement the next day, which read “FC Barcelona demands respect for the people who are part of the institution when they decline to comment or answer questions, even more so in their leisure time,”

“The right to information can not be at odds with the obligation to respect the freedom of individuals. The club will take measures to protect these basic rights.”

In a news conference, before the the match, the Barca coach talked about the club’s rules regarding partying “I’m not going to make our rules public knowledge. What’s more, they’re of no interest to you.

“The only thing that I would say to the Barcelona supporters, is that they can be perfectly relaxed in the knowledge that the players will be in perfect shape come Sunday.

“This type of thing only happens when people overstep the mark. The way some of the media act is pathetic, and when they push their luck so much, it’s inevitable that people are going to snap.”

Neymar and his father/agent have appeared in Spanish court recently for accusations on tax evasion and forgery. All parties including Barcelona have denied the accusations.