Gear and Training for Goal Keepers

The equipment that can be used in the game of soccer is usually dictated by FIFA. Even youth leagues draw inspiration for their rules from FIFA. These rules are put into place to make sure each player is distinct, and goalkeeping gear keeps players protected throughout the match. Keepers also train hard for a variety of situations, so it’s important to drill keepers not just in saves, but in thinking on their feet. Here are some important tips you won’t want to miss out on for practice.

Goalie Gear

Goal keepers have to put themselves between the net and the ball. As such, they are allowed a few extra items of protection that normal players won’t get. Their kits are also different from the rest of the team, done to make them stand out from the other players on the pitch, which can include undershirts as long as they match the keeper’s colors. Goalkeeper gloves are used to protect the hands from impact of the ball, and some leagues may require masks to protect the face. Keepers usually wear shin guards, and may wear elbow and knee guards as long as the material they are constructed with is soft to the touch.

Drills and Training

One of the most advantageous drills for an up and coming keeper is the seated save drill. In this drill, the keeper sits before the goal and attempts to stop shots coming in. Position a player about 5 to 10 feet away and have them strike shots on goal within the goalie’s reach. Have the keeper catch the ball and toss it back to the player, and repeat these drills in 60 second intervals as fast as possible. This teaches your keeper to be ready for saves, even if he is confined to the ground at the time.

Adverse Conditions

Rainy weather is fairly common in soccer, and there aren’t usually games that get rained out. Your keeper should be prepared to deal with slippery gloves, and a ball that seems to go everywhere. Ball control is much harder in the rain, so it’s difficult for inexperienced players to make the saves required in a game. These conditions also cool players down, sometimes to their detriment. Have your keeper do some laps to warm up before the game, and keep a towel handy to wipe excess moisture away from gloves.
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