Can You Create Abundance in your Sports Performance?

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Athletes sometimes open up and talk honestly how what goes on their heads before a big game. They’re often tormented with thoughts of not being good enough. What if they make a key mistake on the field that costs their team the game? Coaches are very accustomed to this aspect of sports.

Though athletes might train daily, the battle is often in the mind. It’s important to get thoughts under control. For this, trainers sometimes look to spiritualists to get the job done. Sometimes those who are experts in meditation techniques can also be helpful. The best method is to begin talking to players about what’s inside their head. Help them to open up and talk about their fears. Then teach them the various ways to control thoughts and fears.

Meditation is a good start because it begins by getting the individual to quiet their mind and stop thinking altogether. For most of us, this can be difficult. Just try to take a few moments and think about nothing. Whether you’re an athlete or a business professional, it can be hard to stop those thoughts that run through your head all day and sometimes all night.

As an exercise, get a pad and pen and write down what you’re thinking about right now. Try to be accurate. Exactly what thoughts are running through your head at this moment? Learn to examine the stuff in your head. What are you thinking about when you first wake up in the morning? What are you thinking about at lunch when you’re sitting at a table with friends? Are you focusing on what they’re saying or focusing on something else?

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