Arsene Wenger Disagrees with Henry about Giroud

Arsene Wenger firmly believes that Thierry Henry is has been wrongful in claiming that the team would need to acquire new four players and that they would not be able to be victorious in the title with the participation of Olivier Giroud.

Following their 0-0 score against The Blues, Henry who was himself a former Arsenal striker and now Sky Sports advisor, had stated that the club would have to consider transfers if they wish to have an impact against Chelsea.

Henry, who had been part of Wenger’s squad of invincibles and was known as the club’s record goal striker had voiced out that Arsenal would be needing some additional spine down the side. According to him, if the club wants to top the league, the would be needing a top quality striker.

On the other side, Wenger feels that his team has significantly progressed in 2015 and this has brought him to rethink his plans pertaining to summer transfers. However, the Arsenal manager agrees that Henry is entitled to having his opinions, even though Wenger does not necessarily share this opinion.

Wenger even went on to say that Henry’s opinion is wrong. He backed this with the assertion that throughout his career he has heard the same thing being said about now star players such as Van Persie, Anelka and Henry himself when they were at the beginning of their career. These players have now become world-class players.

Moreover, Wenger is confident about Giroud’s game play and foresees that he will help the team progress.